Lifepointe Intership currently offers five different practicums. This is our hands-on ministry experience. During the first year in the program, students will be trained in all five areas of church ministry, including community impact outreaches. After the first year, students will be able to narrow their focus down to the ministry they feel called to serve. We want students to have a complete understanding of what it takes to serve the community through the church. This includes weekly services, outreach, church maintenance, event planning, as well as the ability to use our campus for multiple activities.

· Leadership

· Worship

· Media

· Youth

· Kids

Our Interns will also participate in a weekly time of prayer, leadership classes, worship, and digging deeper into God’s Word. We look forward to building relationships as we serve together. We want our students to experience living in the fullness of Christ.


*Financial Aid is offered through FAFSA. Any questions regarding tuition and program fees may be answered by emailing Northwest University at: 


Lifepointe Internship is proud to be in partnership with Northwest University to offer our students college degrees through their online program. Located in Kirkland, WA and founded in 1934, NU is a fully accredited university. There are 10 degrees offered in our program, and you can find out info on each one by clicking the links below.

You can find out more about NU at


Yearly Tuition                    $7,584

Registration Fee                  Free

Program Fee                    $2,600

                        Total            $10,184*     

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